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In today's digital arena, Technology Success Partners (TSPs) stand as the indispensable force propelling businesses to new heights. The role of Technology Success Partners (TSPs) has become paramount for businesses spanning all industries.

Representing a transformative evolution from traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), TSPs offer holistic solutions that elevate business processes, productivity, and strategic outcomes.Solved IT delivers transformative solutions that not only elevate business processes and productivity but redefine strategic outcomes. The company's unique approach is exemplified by its motto: 
"Empowering Success, One Solution at a Time."


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Serving - New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut.

Unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions tailored to elevate your operations. Our commitment to excellence ensures your business stays ahead in the competitive tri-state area.


Network Design & Cabling

Transform your business connectivity & reliability with our network infrastructure solutions. Our team of BICSI certified RCDD's, technicians, & installers specialize in designing and implementing customized, scalable networks, ensuring seamless deployments and ongoing maintenance for optimal reliability and performance.


IT Support & Guidance

For businesses seeking end-to-end technology solutions that encompass planning, procurement, deployment, compliance, and support, we provide customizable services, ensuring both complementary & comprehensive solutions. Do you want predictable spending, security, and increased ROI?


Facilities & Security

For organizations prioritizing the safety and security of their employees, premises, and sensitive personal identifiable information. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and best practices, we deliver tailored solutions that address your unique security challenges and facilities management needs. Let us work to ensure a safe and secure environment. 

Solved IT set up the wired and wireless networks for all of our New York, New Jersey,
& Connecticut locations. Their team is extremely professional, always on time and experts who can answer all relative questions.

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Low-Voltage Cabling Projects


High-Speed Wireless Projects


PC's & Macs Provisioned


Video Surveillance Projects

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Empower finance with transformative technology – deploy AI for analytics and fraud detection, adopt blockchain for secure transactions, and embrace cloud-based solutions for scalability. Prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive data and deliver seamless digital financial services for a tech-driven future.

Hospitality & Events

Elevate hospitality and events with technology – from contactless check-ins and digital concierge services to AI-driven guest experiences. Implement robust event management tools, enhance security with smart systems, and leverage data analytics for personalized services, creating memorable and efficient experiences.


Transform education through technology, integrating smart classrooms, online learning platforms, and adaptive tools. Embrace AI for personalized learning, enhance collaboration with virtual tools, and ensure data security for a tech-enabled, student-centric educational experience.


Revolutionize retail with technology – from AI-driven inventory management and contactless payments to personalized customer experiences. Embrace data analytics, IoT, and e-commerce solutions for streamlined operations, enhanced security, and a future-ready retail landscape.

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